Shareholders in Fornebu Samdyrkelag at work and learning. Photo: Kjetil Korslien.


As a shareholder in a «Samdyrkelag» you will be part of a community based on an organic vegetable garden. You can decide wether you want to get involved in the growing and learning, or wether you simply want to harvest your own food from the field.

It is social and fun to be part of a community farm! And it tastes fantastic!



In order to become a member, please click here to go to the Norwegian version of this page. After choosing your preferred samdyrkelag in the dropdown menu («Velg samdyrkelag»), you will be taken to our member system Rubic, where you will see the prices and get the chance to buy your membership!


As a shareholder in a «Samdyrkelag» you will be part of a community based on an organic vegetable garden. The garden is managed by U.Reist’s professional gardener, but you are welcome to join in when you want: on your own initiative or on joint workdays with other shareholders, under guidance and inspiration from the main gardener. You get the right to your share of vegetables and harvest your own vegetables right from the field. There are also shares without any work commitment; these entitles you to self-picking of over 50 varieties of local vegetables grown according to organic principles, weekly throughout the season.

The season is normally from June/July through October, with slightly less to harvest at the beginning and end of the period. In according to the principles of community supported agriculture (CSA), the shareholders do not pay for a given quantity of products, but share both the dividends and risks in production. You can therefore get more or less vegetables than expected, and you will experience the joy and excitement of following the weather and the seasons – as all of us who grow food do. A little summer rain is no longer just a stopper for the beach trip, but also necessary for your food growing in the field!

Here’s how growing and harvesting in the community farm works:


All shareholders are invited to participate in working on the field. This gives you and your family the opportunity to learn more about farming according to organic principles, share experiences in a pleasant environment, and participate in a social community.

All shareholders can come and work whenever they want. But there will also be opportunities to work and learn together! To make the work social and enjoyable, we have joint workdays every week. (The day of week depends on what Samdyrkelag you are member of- all shareholders will be notified when this starts up.) Everyone is welcome to participate with our main gardener who will provide good guidance.

We will also arrange co-working sessions on other weekdays and weekends, to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to participate. This will be announced throughout the season. The possibilities are many and varied.

You decide when and how much you want to work, but a standard share means that you participate at least 10 hours during the season. Or much more if you want!

There is also space to play, read, have picnics and children’s birthdays and other gatherings in the area of the community farm; both for members of the Samdyrkelaget and others. And there will be courses and workshops for the shareholders, e.g. growing techniques and fermentation of vegetables. It is social and fun to be part of a community farm! And it tastes fantastic!

Ureist felleskjøpet


We know that many want to enjoy fresh, locally grown vegetables and support the development of urban agriculture, but do not find time to commit to more work in a hectic everyday life. Therefore, it is also possible to buy shares without any work commitment. These shares cost more, but provide just as much vegetables to harvest, learning opportunities and social fun, without having to work in the field – for everyone who cannot or do not wish to do so.


All shareholders can come and harvest their share of vegetables in the field on a weekly basis, including those who have a workfree share. The main gardener will send out harvest notices at the start of each week of the season. The harvest notice will specify which vegetables are ready for harvest that week, where in the field you find them, and how much of each vegetable you can take. Occasionally you will also find tips and recipes for this week’s vegetables in the harvest notice.

You can come to the field and harvest just when you want, according to the week’s harvest notice.

Because we have planted the seeds ourselves and tended to the plants all the way until they are ready for harvest, we do not wish for anything to go to waste. If shareholders do not manage to harvest everything we have produced before it becomes overdue, U.REIST can harvest the vegetables and sell them.



Do we communicate in English or Norwegian?

Both! Our members comes from around the globe, and we speak in Norwegian or English depending on who are present. You can always write or speak to us in either Norwegian or English. Norwenglish is also much welcome- this is a great place to learn Norwegian!


What happens when I go on Holiday?

– Can I arrange with another shareholder who gets my vegetables the weeks I am on vacation? And then I get theirs when they are on vacation? And: can I forward my harvest notice to a friend or family member during the weeks I’m on vacation, and give away my share of vegetables to someone I know?

Yes! You can. If you exchange your vegetable share with another member of the cooperative, just notify us in advance.

If a friend or family member (who is not a shareholder) is going to harvest for you, make an appointment with our main gardener, so that she can meet them at the field and show them how it works!

The community farm is open to all registered shareholders at all times. Members can also bring their family or friends to the field. But we need to know who has access and who harvest vegetables, to ensure the experience for the shareholders is as good as possible.



Do you have any questions?

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